We are a network of senior, highly experienced and skilled practitioners, with deep expertise in strategy, leadership, innovation and organisational development, based in the UK, Europe and North America.

We partner with senior executives and their organisations to develop the strategies, skills and capabilties to be successful in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Nick Turner
Managing Partner

Adviser, corporate strategist and futures thinker, Nick Turner, originally a product of Silicon Valley and Wall Street, has over 25 years’ experience offering counsel to senior decision makers, helping the make better choices today for an uncertain tomorrow.

Lucy Adams
Network Partner

Lucy Adams founder of Disruptive HR, has held Board level HR roles for over 10 years, most recently at the BBC. Combining strategic and operational HR expertise with a fresh but practical approach, she aims to put the "human" back into Human Resources.

Jim Butcher
Network Partner

Founder of Entegra Partners, Jim Butcher has extensive experience engaging decision makers and leaders to make better strategic decisions and be more innovative across corporate, governments, academia, civic and non-profit sectors, including innovative entrepreneurial start-ups.

Simon Commander
Network Partner

Dr Simon Commander. Managing Partner of Altura Partners, is an economist, policy advisor, and a specialist in emerging markets. Ex EBRD and World Bank, he has extensive experience working with investors and companies operating in developing economies and leading International Financial Institutions.

David Gann
Network Partner

Professor David Gann CBE CEng FICE FCGI is Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Development and Public Affairs at Oxford University. He is a university and business leader with extensive international experience in innovation strategy and technology management.

Nada Ivanovic
Network Partner

Dr Nada Ivanovic is an experienced analyst and consultant in helping to enhance individual performance and the productivity of teams.  She has coached leaders of significant global organisations and her private clients include prominent individuals in the UK and in the United States

Kate Lye
Network Partner

As Managing Partner of KLI, Kate's expertise is in organisational behaviour and psychology. She uses her extensive experience to deliver individual and organisational leadership development, executive coaching and broader systems change, strengthening the link between leadership and strategy.

John O'Brien
Network Partner

John O'Brien provides leadership, team and organizational consulting services to leading companies across the globe. He has successfully led major people transformation projects in the financial services, pharmaceutical and nuclear energy industries.

Matt Ranen
Network Partner

Matt is an independent Scenario Planning and Strategy Consultant, helping senior executives frame up and make decisions as they grapple with the complex uncertainties of future change. His work draws on his 9 years as a leader at scenario planning  pioneers Global Business Network (GBN).

Roger Steare
Network Partner

“The Corporate Philosopher”, Roger is an acknowledged expert in the development and delivery of transformational leadership, corporate culture and ethics. He is the co-creator of MoralDNA™, the personality and values profile and a visiting Professor in Organizational Ethics at Cass Business School.

Richard Watson
Network Partner

Richard Watson is a world-renowned author, futurist, speaker and scenario thinker. He is the founder and editor of Richard’s latest book, Digital Versus Human: Reinventing the 21st Century if People Still Matter, was published at the end of 2016.

Steve Weber
Network Partner

Steve Weber is a Professor in the School of Information at UC Berkeley. He works at the intersection of technology markets, intellectual property regimes, and international politics. He focuses on the political economy of knowledge intensive industries, and issues relating to competitiveness.

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