Services What We Can Do For You



Stratforma offers a truly co-creative and highly experiential approach to strategic consulting. Thinking from the outside-in, we believe in asking the right questions, before exploring the right answers, together.
Whether developing new strategy, refreshing or stress-testing existing plans, partnering with Stratforma ensures you achieve new insights, intellectual and emotional engagement and the confidence to take action.
We can help with:

  • Strategy creation, new idea generation and innovation
  • Scenario thinking to future proof your decisions and choices
  • Taking a strategic approach to risk
  • Creating alignment and commitment in your management team
  • Turning insight into action and prioritising initiatives



We recognise how important and scarce executive time is. At Stratforma, our goal is to maximise your productivity and the impact of strategic workshops, offsites and management retreats. We are experts in helping you to define the right objectives, design the perfect format and create the right environment for high energy, hugely engaging and results-oriented events.
Whether as part of an ongoing strategic process or a one-off event, Stratforma can help you with:

  • Strategy offsites and workshops
  • Executive retreats
  • Client seminars
  • Senior management away-days



Stratforma offers compelling, high-energy and engaging speakers. We inform, provoke, stimulate and entertain. We customise core topics of expertise to your event to ensure relevance and intellectual stretch. Topics include:

  • Megatrends – the driving forces and uncertainties that will shape your future
  • Thriving under uncertainty
  • Biases and risk-intelligent decision making
  • Why bother with strategy?